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5 Responses to “Adobe Acrobat 8 Packages: Combine PDFs”

  1. L. Latonero:

    I like all adobe products

  2. Rita:

    How do commercial printers feel about this package feature? Can you print the whole package as one file?

  3. Chris:

    Hi Rita,

    PDF package allows you to print either one document or all the documents in the package.

    Go to File > Print and select either Print Current Document or Print All Documents.


  4. Alex:

    I have a groupwise mail server and sometime I get multiple PDF files that I have to print. Rather then opening them one at a time how do I print all the single files at once? I’ve tried printing the files from groupwise and it will work but the document is shrunk and it has a header infomation that I do not want. So how do I print those individual files at once ?

  5. Alex B.:

    This video helped me solve one of my problems, but I’ve got another that you may be able to help me with. Let’s say I have 3 identical pdfs, each one has different comments from different people. Is there a way I can combine all those comments to appear on a single page pdf?

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